Monday, January 25, 2016

Kumihimo Looms Giveaway (English)

Participate in our kumihimo giveaway during February and be the lucky winner of the circular and square kumihimo looms. It is so easy to participate. You just have to follow these simple requirements:

1.  Give  a like to our Facebook page

2. Tell 10 friends to like our Facebook page

3. Send us a picture of a kumihimo bracelet you made from any of our videos from youtube kumimari 2 to kumimari 28 to our e-mail

I am receiving the pictures from today to February 28th. After I will publish all the pictures of all the participants in our Facebook page from March 1st to March 15th. You can ask for your friends and family help since the picture with more likes will be the winner of the 2 kumihimo looms.

Participate and send us your picture as soon as possible, and you will be the lucky winer of the 2 original Japanese kumihimo looms.

Good luck to all the contestants.....

Concurso de Kumihimo (Espaniol)

Participa en el concurso de kumihimo durante el mes de febrero y ganate estos dos telares de kumihimo.....el redondo y el cuadrado. Es facil participar solo tiene ke seguir estas reglas:

1.  Dale like a nuestra pagina de kumihimo en Facebook

2. Dile a 10 amigos que le den like a nuestra pagina de kumihimo en Facebook

3, Envianos una foto de una pulsera de kumihimo ke hayas hecho de cualkiera de nuestros videos de youtube kumimari 2 hasta kumimari 28 a nuestro correo

Recibire fotos desde el dia de hoy hasta el 28 de febrero. Luego publicare las fotos de los participantes en nuestra pagina de Facebook desde el 1 de marzo hasta el 15 de marzo. 
Puedes decirle a tus amigos y familiares ke te ayuden ya ke la foto ke tenga mas likes sera la ganadora de los dos telares de kumihimo.

Participa ya y envianos tu fotografia. Son los dos telares originales japoneses de kumihimo. Buena suerte a todos los ke participen.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cute Origami Apple/Manzanita de Origami

Designed by Ishibashi Naoko
Folded by Mariela Recinos