Saturday, March 17, 2012

New 3D Origami Diagrams For Free

Hello Origami Maniacs. First of all, I want to thank all the people who are following the blog. Now we have many new comments and different opinions and special requests. As you know the main objective of this blog is to learn everything we can about this beautiful Japanese art named Origami. As a result, I share the work of many people who design different origami figures with the instruction video, so our readers can learn how to fold it. There is a wide variety of designs......we have flowers, insects, animals, kusudamas, modular origami, 3D origami, etc. Please if you want any suggestions and comments you can write to me to my mail I will be very happy to reply you.
Today I want to share these 3D origami models. They are really beautiful and easy to make. There are not videos, but if you have the diagrams, you can make them easily.

If you want the diagrams to make any of them, you can request it at  

1. I can send you 3 diagrams the most. 
2. Follow our blog first here in blogger and then I will send you the diagram within 24 hours
3. If you cannot follow our blog because you don't have a blogger account, you can also give us a like in facebook.

You can begin learning how to make the units click here

I hope to receive many requests! Here you have the models to choose. Take care and keep visiting our blog.  

3D Origami Owl

3D Origami Fox

3D Origami Panda
3D Origami Raccoon

3D Origami Mouse

3D Origami Rabbit

3D Origami Dog

3D origami Monkeys (See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil)

3D Origami Balls

3D Hina Matsuri Emperor and Emperatress

3D Origami Horse

3D Origami Lamb

3D Origami Swams and Green Basket

3D Origami Santa

3D Origami Snowman

3D Origami Christmas Tree