Monday, January 16, 2012

Foil Paper

·         There are so many kinds of origami paper around the world. Nevertheless, Japanese paper is unique for its exquisite designs and beauty. There is a broad variety of styles and colors. We sell original origami paper for a very reasonable price. Here you have some of the products we offer. If you are interested in getting any of them, you can write to me to my mail You pay for the product and  the shipping and handling is totally free if you buy ten pockets or more. It would be a pleasure for us to supply your paper. In the near future, the variety we offer will be wider, and of course I will post the pictures. All the packs of paper are $5.00

      Foil paper looks like aluminium foil on one side and white on the other side. Make sure idea before you fold it because, once folded, it will make a crease mark. In fact there should not be an option for mistakes with this type of paper.

                          PAPER WE OFFER

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