Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heptagon Box By Tomoko Fuse

Designed by Tomoko Fuse
Folded By Heather

For the origami box lovers, here we have this beautiful and colorful box designed by the famous and unique Tomoko Fuse. I hope you like it and enjoy it Origami Maniacs............




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  1. Making this box was one of the first things I tried with origami. My first box turned out perfect because your video instruction was very clear and detailed. I had no problems seeing what you were doing. Your hints along the way were invaluable. Thank you for making this video and posting it for free. It has piqued my interest in origami.

    1. Origami is a beautiful art many people don't know about. I am happy the instructions in the video were easy to follow. This video was not made by me. In this blog, you will find videos I made and lots of videos from you tube other people have made. All of them with one purpose in common......sharing the origami knowledge. Welcome to the origami world.

  2. uh ya what they said jk it was really cool and wonderful me and my daughter did it and shes 6 and hers was perfect.