Saturday, February 11, 2012

Origami Japanese Girls

Designer Unknown
Folded by Me (Mariela Recinos)

Today I bring you something that is fascinating for girls. They love these Japanese girls with their colorful and beautiful kimonos. The best of all is that you can design their hair in different styles, and combine beautiful paper in a wide variety of colors and textures to get fascinating kimonos. Do your best Origami Maniacs and have fun!!!!!



  1. i hope in future you will make more videos of these japanese paper girls. i love it! it looks great as a bookmark. :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Leeza. I have many projects in mind and one of them will be creating more Japanese girl bookmarks. Take care and keep enjoying the folding.

  2. cutee..!,but can you help me please....make tutorial for washi ningyo? it's 3d version and it's beautiful too