Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Japanese Origami Paper Giveaway for May

Hello Origami Maniacs. I had my first origami paper giveaway in Christmas, and I felt so happy with the results. Thanks for all the participants. The winner was Max Moreno from El Salvador. 
Now I am preparing another origami paper giveaway for the coming month of May to anybody in any country of the world. This weekend, I will be posting the rules for the people who want to participate. It will be easier. I think I will do it through facebook, and you can ask for the help of your friends supporting you. The person who has more likes will be the winner. So that means you have to like our page in facebook first.
I will leave all the details this coming weekend, and I will officially open the competition.
Meanwhile, I leave you with the pictures of the origami paper I will send to the lucky winner. Also, I leave you the picture of Max Moreno with the paper he received for the Christmas giveaway. Good luck and visit the blog next Saturday for know how to enter the paper giveaway. Don't forget to give us a like in facebook.

The lucky winner of Christmas origami paper giveaway Max Moreno from El Salvador

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