Monday, January 23, 2017

Spring Mandala.....A mandala For Children

Designed By Emma Orazi
Folded by Mariela Recinos

No te ha pasado que cuando estas doblando mandalas, tus ninios quieren hacerlo tambien pero no pueden? Pues esta vez podran hacerlo junto a ti y divertirse.  Esta mandalita hermosa llamada Primavera fue diseniada por una hermosa y talentosisima ninia de 8 anios de Argentina llamada Emma Orazi.  Asi que esta mandala va dedicada con mucho amor a los principes del hogar.....nuestros chiquitos consentidos....y si eres maestra....a tus alumnos. Que la disfrutes.

Has this ever happened to you? When you are folding your mandalas, your children would like to help, but they cannot since it is very difficult.....
This time they will be able to do it with you and have fun at the same time. This cute mandala named Spring mandala was designed by a beautiful and talented girl from Argentina who is just 8 years old. Her name is Emma Orazi. This mandala is for the little ones at home....and if you are a will have a blast folding it with your students. I hope you like it..... 


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