Thursday, January 5, 2012

Handmade Origami Earrings......

Today I want to share with you a very creative and original project girls will love.......origami  earrings. You will find many sites in internet selling origami earrings with prices from $10 to even $40.....Can you believe it?
If you are creative.....and you like can make your own earrings for yourself or as a present or......even you can make some extra money and sell them. You won't need expensive materials. And you can learn easy origami figures like the cranes, and begin your own business. What you need basically to make your earrings is the following:

1. 2 headpins or eyepins
2. 2 earwires
3. beads of your choice
4. Round-nose pliers
5. 2 origami creations 

2 headpins or eyepins

2 earwires

beads of your choice

Round-nose pliers

Here I leave you a collection of some origami earrings. At the end of the pictures, you will find the links of the places where you can buy them, if you prefer to do so rather than make them by yourself. Good luck Origami Maniacs............

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